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Hi, my name is Alessandro Angius.
I am an independent music composer, musician, producer and sound engineer.

My passion and profession is to create music and sound elements and universes for different purposes: music concerts, performing arts plays (circus, theatre and dance), recorded music supports (singles, albums, EP's etc.),  alone or collaborating with other artists.

I manage all parts of a music production (creation of the idea, composition, adaptation to a show or to a style, arranging, recording, editing, mastering) and of a live music performance, starting from scratch or from an idea that already exists.

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So, what I really do?

My offer range a wide spectrum:

from totally composing a play to assisting  the finalisation of someone else's composition; 

from playing myself the music in a play or concert to helping out an artist that is not a musician to give life     and realise the right music universe for the right scenic proposal.

I use analog and digital instruments and tools, synthetisers, electric and acoustic guitars, , percussions of various kinds, samplers, objects, basses and a lot of other things that can help us create our special music. 



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